Your website lets you put your products and services in front of a wide audience. It can help you find new clients, boost revenue, cut costs and build better relationships with both customers and suppliers.

Right at the start of any website design, or re-design, is the planning and strategy phase. Discuss with radi8 how to develop your web site strategy.

At radi8, we understand that your website is a key component in your companies marketing strategy. So if you are looking for a brand new website, or a re-design of an existing website, radi8 take great care in providing you with the online tools to reach your current customers and potential new customers.

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Graphic design works in harmony with copywriting and website navigation, to produce the ‘look and feel’ of your website.

radi8 are able to call on some outstanding design talent when required.



During the website development stage, radi8 believe that it’s key to keep the ‘search engines’ as well as the human visitors to your website happy.

Whether you’ve purchased a simple one page website, or a website containing many thousands of pages, radi8 take great care to produce solid code that makes the best of the website design.

Every great website design is implemented by the code behind it, and at radi8 we have many years of experience in using high quality programming to produce great quality code.

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Outstanding website design and careful implementation is only part of the story for your online presence. To optimise your website, means to design it, code it and write for it, in a way that makes the ‘search engines’ rank it higher.

People will search for your type of product or service, every hour of the day. And they will check up on your company, through your website, seven days a week. Even if they don’t know the address of your website, they should be able to find you through the popular search engines.

The Internet has almost totally replaced trade directories and Yellow Pages as the primary place where people look for products and services. If they can’t find you in the top ten search results, then you almost don’t exist. So you must spend time, effort and a bit of money to make sure you are there.